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Studio Love

You won a pass to see Austin record some of his songs in the studio and you couldnt believe how you were witnessing the best thing of life! He made eye contact with you several times and smiled when you blushed. It was the best day of your life but it was goin to end everyone was packing up and your ride was coming for you in a couple minutes. As you were getting your stuff ready you felt a soft touch on the back of your arm. Turning around you see austins beautiful face just centimeters to yours. His dreamy eyes draw to a close as your lips touch.  the kiss felt like a bolt of lightening down your body leaving you wanting more. Opening your mouth wide for austins tongue to slither through moans escape you both and he pulls you into him even more. During the kiss his hands move up slowly down from your waist to your ass. Your eyes widen and the corner of austins lips expanded. He already knew how to turn you on. After the intense kiss his body language became different and so did yours. still in his grasp, he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his hips. He carried you to a couch nearby lying you down gently. He took off his shirt, hovered over you and dove right in for your neck. He bit licked and sucked making your insides tingly. YOu massaged his scalp while he did his magic and he let out a hefty moan and you exhaled onto his shoulder creating goosebumps all over his body. Your hand soon traveled all around his rock hard abs and austin nibbled on your collar bone in response to your touch.  Then went lower resting his hands in between your thighs and unbuttoned your shorts. Thats when your anxiety took over with your heart about to burst out of your chest Austin looked up into your eyes and saw how uncomfortable you were.  He came up to your face and pecked your nose

"Dont be scared" he whispered and slid them off along with your panties. His tongue licked under your navel causeing chills to run down your back. Then lower to your inner thighs. You gasped at his warm lips on your skin and finally he made is way to your throbbing pussy.

"You ready?" he smirked looking up at you with a lust glazed stare.

Without thinking of the consequences you bit your lip and nodded your head. He chuckled at how much you wanted him and you sucked on each of your other set oflips and rubbed your clit all at the sametime. He took you on cloud 9 with his thick tongue and made you scream his name so high you didnt believe it was you. Your legs clenched his body while he was giving you an oral and he stopped right when you felt you were gunna cum. The building was soon closing and they shut down the AC so it started to get a lil hot. HIs big lips pressed all the way up to your mouth and his body started moving in a rhythmical grind. Trying so hard to regain some oxygen in your system you opened your mouth and austins tongue shot straight down your throat. Your hands ran through his sweaty locks and the grinds his body made became faster. He broke the sloppy kiss and his hazel eyes looked deep into yours. “I think i love you” he mouthed and his fingers glided down to your pussy and shoved them inside leaving your breathless. Your hands slapped onto his back  while his fingers pumped.

"Oh FUCK AUSTIN" you wimpered in pleasure.

That made him go faster and longer til you finally squirted. As your body shook for a minute he kissed slowly on your neck trying to make you relaxed once again. soon enough you guys traded postions. You went straight for his sweats and pulled his boxers with it at the sametime. You smiled widely at him as he panted in the hot room. then your hand reached clark and you giggled on how you finally are goin to feel him ALL of him. Your hand cupped around the head and slid down all the way to the shaft and repeated the motion a bit quicker each time. After awhile ausitn finally released. cum oozed out of clark and poured perfectly down the shaft. You opened wide sucking and licked off any reminiscence of it and swallowed the hot and sticky goo off.

"You taste so good I just cant get enough" you whisper and he blushed. You then stuck clark between your boobs and made it glide up an down making his facial expressions to change. He came once again but this time all over your chest. his breath shorten as he watched you lick off the cum on your chest like you would do to icing on a cupcake

"Fuck…..your so sexy" he exhaled and with that remark you begin to straddle him and grind on clark. Buckin your hips up and down he screamed an grabbed your waist to move you in the right direction. Slowing down you let Austin  catch his breath and you start to lick and kiss his chest and abs. Flippin your hair to the side so it wont get in your face you look into his eyes and he pulls you in close makin you lay underneath his neck. Five minutes pass and your mom starts calling your phone, getting out of austins embrace you run to find your shorts and dig out your phone.


"Hey hunny im here outfront waiting, is everything alright?"

"Yah, im coming out right now"

You look over to austin and his face fell to a pouty face and you kiss his lips

"Alright, im outside"


you hang up the phone

"You should dm me sometime okay austin"

he nods and watches you put back on your clothes and bites his lip. then gets  up and does the same.

"Hey you want me to walk you back to your mom?"

"Sure..that would be great"

he smiles and grabs your hand in his and leads you out the building. Just up ahead you see your moms car  and austin bieng the gentlemen that he is opens up the passaenger door for you and shuts in when you sit.

"Well that was very sweet of you austin, im sure seeing you ment the world to her"

Austin smiles at you.

"Well it was cool havin a mahomie there who has been supporting me since when i was postin videos on youtube live out my dream."

"awh, well have a great night austin"

you bite your lip and look at his gleaming hazel eyes shine in the evening sky.

"Thanks, and you too ms." your mom waves goodbye and puts the key into the ignition stepping on the gas pedal and makes her out of the parking lot. You turn your head back to find Austin with his famous heart sign held above his head.You almost tear up and slouch back into your seat and your mom begins to talk.

"so did you have fun?"

"oh tons"

The End

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Sex photography and erotic gifs.

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Pool Sex

Title; Pool Sex.
Rated M:
Characters; Austin. . Selena Gomez. Robert. Ashely Benson Joseph Gordon Levitt
Written by @hornymahomie on twitter.

You Selena, and Ashely go to the city pool for a swim, when you get there there’s these 3 gorgeous guys standing in the corner staring at you guys. They start walking over to you and inerduce themselves. “hey I’m Austin” says the brown haired hazel eye beauty. “Yo nigga Robert ” says the onery handsom naughty looking boy with black hair & brown eyes. “Nice to meet you lady’s I’m joesph” says the tall white gorgeous cutie with dimples.

Austin: ” my family owns this pool” he makes everyone leave. “Wana have some fun?(;” he says with a smirk.

You take off your cover & slowley get in the pool. Austin comes behind you & slides his hands down your waist you tilt your head back he starts kissing your neck while you moan. Ashley & Selena hop in the pool. Robert & Joseph get in the pool too, There’s a silence. Austin winks at Robert and Joseph. Joseph swims over to Ashley & Robert goes over to selena. Austin turns your head and starts kissing you you put your hands on his waist. He picks you up & sets you on the edge of the pool he unsnaps your bikini top you get embarrassed & look around to see that your friends don’t have theirs on either. You start kissing him again he puts you back in the pool and ducks under he starts taking off your bottoms. He comes up for air & goes back under he starts sticking his pinkie up & up you feel like you have to pee. He goes further & then moves it back & forth you finally squirt. Austin smiles. He starts kissing your neck you moan you slide down his swim trunks & Clark pops out all big you can see it under the water. Austin smirks and takes Clark he rubs the head around your vagina making you horny. He inserts the whole thing slowley then you scream he starts going faster & faster making you moan. You’re enjoying it. You start having a orgasm & Austin’s about to cum. He makes you float on your back and open your mouth he gets on the pool ladder & starts cumming in your mouth you swallow it.

You think that’s the end of your fuck session..? It’s not.

You guys take a 20 minute break & then it’s back to the sex. But this time it’s with all of them. You guys are all in the pool naked. Austin’s directing what he wants to happen.
He decides that you will suck Clark & Ashley will suck Chris & Selena will rub Joseph’s dick. Selena starts rubbing Joseph’s huge dick while he’s floating on his back, after 9 minutes Joseph says he’s ready he has you float on your back he starts cumming all over your stomach and boobs. Selena & Ashley start licking the cum off your breasts and sucking them while Robert & them watch after the cums all gone you start sucking Clark. He’s so big going In and out your mouth Austin’s Moaning. Austin’s about to cum you have Ashley float on her back Austin cums all over her boobs. You & Selena start licking it off. & then Selena starts sucking Chris (Roberts dick) & when he’s about to cum he cums on selena & you lick it off.

You guys then swim & hang out eating pizza Austin says he’ll teach you more swim techniques tomorrow. · Reply
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